Kennedy review

"Preventing accidents to children and young people is everyone's responsibility." This is reflected in the breadth of work that touches on the topic.

Whether you work in schools, early years, health or housing, there will be some activity in your arena that relates to child accident prevention. Alongside specific policies, there are also programmes of work, national campaigns, regulations, and organisations that have a part to play in preventing childhood accidents.

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Children and young people

In this section:

  • Reviews on child protection and safeguarding
  • Key agencies tasked with protecting children
  • Key policy initiatives around children 

Health and inequalities 

In this section:

  • Public Health Outcomes Framework
  • Marmot Review
  • Child poverty strategy
  • Health and wellbeing boards

Early years and parenting

In this section:

  • Family Nurse Partnerships
  • Sure Start Children's centres


In this section:

  • Healthy Schools Programme
  • School nurses
  • Personal, Social and Health education (PSHE)
  • Safety education with input from community partners

Housing and home safety

In this section:

  • NICE guidance
  • Building regulations
  • Housing Health and Safety Rating System
  • Product safety regulations

Road safety

In this section

  • Public health strategy and outcomes framework
  • Strategic framework for road safety
  • Safe, green and active agenda
  • Inequalities
  • European initiatives


Fire safety

In this section:

  • FireKills campaign
  • Fire Futures Review
  • Public Health Outcomes Framework
  • Inequalities
  • NICE guidance
  • Fire and Rescue Services Act

Consumer safety

In this section:

  • General Product Safety regulations
  • Specific regulations
  • Consumer safety product research
  • Local Trading Standards work
Updated July 2013