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Team working together in a meetingOctober 2012

This section explores some of the wider connections that people working in child accident prevention can make with other professionals engaged with the safety, health and wellbeing of children, to make a greater impact on shared agendas.

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An introduction to partnership working

Joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs) and joint health and wellbeing strategies are key to the process of partnership working and to achieving ‘deep and productive partnerships’ which take account of the wider determinants of health. The broad social, environmental and lifestyle context and connections for health and wellbeing are shown below in the Dahlgren and Whitehead 'rainbow' model (1998):

The Dahlgen and Whitehead 'rainbow' model (1998)

The 'rainbow' model illustrates the connections between the different layers and 'real world' influences. While this reflects the complexity of health in its broadest sense, it also shows the potential for local partnership work to lead to a range of effective interventions for engaging with people and communities to improve health and wellbeing.

More information on partnership working

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