New ESC research reveals fire dangers in the home

New research from the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) shows that every year, fires caused by misuse of appliances kill 22 people and seriously injure about 2,500 people.

Damage caused by these fires can incur costs which run to tens of millions of pounds.

Britain’s biggest blunders (and the percentage of UK public committing them):

  • Creating a fire hazard by using the microwave as an additional surface and blocking air vents (33%)
  • Increasing the risk of serious fire spreading by leaving the tumble dryer running unattended or overnight (9%)
  • Blocking air vents by failing to clean behind their fridge/freezer (44%)
  • Overloading adaptor sockets, causing an unsafe rise in temperature (16%)
  • Leaving an electrical appliance on while unattended, only to be alerted by a burning smell (9%)

To help the public test their own knowledge and become more aware of fire safety blunders, the ESC has created a Fire Blunders game, hosted on Facebook, which helps identify mistakes and improve safety.

People can also download the free Home Electrical Safety Check Smartphone app, a simple tool to check homes for electrical danger, or visit the ESC’s page on home safety which contains top tips for avoiding simple blunders.

More on the ESC site:

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The Government’s Proactive Communication Plan for 2012/13 includes continued support for the Fire Kills campaign:

As well as national fire statistics, fire and rescue authorities in England can also now access local and national Incident Recording System (IRS) records to support effective fire safety and prevention.

See the Fire and Rescue Monthly Bulletin on the DCLG site to download the IRS records:

Updated October 2012