Speed Down Save Lives for Road Safety Week 2017


Right across the UK, speeding on our roads is a major problem. Speeding puts everyone in the community at risk of serious injury. But the dangers are particularly acute for children, whose lack of awareness and smaller size leaves them vulnerable to fast moving traffic.

Speeding vehicles can also become lethal weapons which in seconds can hit a pram or buggy that is pushed out into the road without an adult waiting to see if it’s safe to cross.  

Key messages from this year’s Road Safety Week, which is coordinated by Brake and supported by the THINK! Campaign, include:

  • Speed causes deaths and serious injuries on our roads.
  • Rural roads are not race tracks.
  • 20mph is the only safe speed in heavily built-up areas used by pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Going slow = stopping in time.
  • Speed is scary and noisy. It stops communities being enjoyable places for children and families to walk, talk and play
  • Speed cameras work. They save lives.

Our special Road Safety Week offer

To coincide with Road Safety Week, CAPT is pleased to announce a half price offer on the It’s fun to go out picture-based safety book. Just use code ROAD50 at checkout.

It’s fun to go out is one of the acclaimed Picture of Safety series of booklets which help to make the most important child safety messages simpler and more easily accessible to a wide range of  parents, families and carers, including those with poor literacy or who may not have English as their first language. They are also invaluable resources for children’s centres, family hubs and all those involved in families outreach.

The special offer for It’s fun to go out is available until the end of November, but the road safety messages contained in the booklet are important for children and families in your community all year round.    

More information:

Updated October 2017