Improving attitudes to road safety

Public attitudes to transport are included in the British Social Attitudes Survey 2016. There are positive findings for various road safety measures including:

  • Agreement that “speed cameras save lives”, rising from a low to 42% in 2005 to 56% in 2016.
  • Belief that “If someone has drunk any alcohol they should not drive’ has remained consistently high for the last decade, at about four-fifths of adults.
  • Agreement by 88% of adults that it is not safe to drive while using a hand-held mobile phone.
  • Consistent support for 20mph speed limits in residential streets (69% in 2016).
  • Opposition to speed bumps has declined.
  • For ‘closing residential streets to through traffic’, the main shift in recent years has been to a neutral position (36% in 2016), though opposition has also declined.  

More information

British Social Attitudes Survey 2016: Public Attitudes towards Transport (August 2017) Department for Transport

Updated October 2017