Child Safety Week 2016 – “Simple stuff saves lives”

Child Safety Week Logo: 6-12 June 2016

Child Safety Week offers a great opportunity to raise families’ awareness, forge partnerships and put child accident prevention on the local agenda.

Child Safety Week is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s flagship annual community education campaign. This year Child Safety Week runs from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June.

A catalyst for local activities and events

Sign up to Child Safety Week and you will be able to access free downloadable resources to help run effective, engaging activities and events with children, parents and carers.

Last year, Child Safety Week activities reached over 450,000 parents, carers, children and young people nationwide. With your help, we can reach even more families in 2016.

So please encourage your workforce to sign up too. That way, they’ll be equipped with free practical tools to engage with families and promote safety awareness.

Forging partnerships

“Child Safety Week gives us the opportunity to promote child safety and engage with families. It also gives us the opportunity to work in partnership with local agencies and organisations to help support local families. The reward for all the hard work is when parents come back and say how well a piece of equipment or advice has helped keep their child safe.”

Child Safety Week is a proven way of forging partnerships, bringing together statutory and voluntary sector agencies involved in public health, health visiting, early years and family support, childcare, education, road safety, sustainable travel, fire safety and much more.

Last year, 88% of those organising Child Safety Week activities did so in partnership with others. 86% reported that these partnerships would continue beyond Child Safety Week.

Sign up to register for free hints and tips on using Child Safety Week to open doors to partnership working through a focus on the common goal of child safety. 

Supporting behaviour change

Child Safety Week has a proven impact on parental awareness and behaviour.

  • Independent polling revealed that 40% of parents who were aware of Child Safety Week 2015 took action to reduce the risk of a serious accident happening to their children.
  • Awareness was highest in social class DE, where children are at greater risk of death and serious injury from preventable accidents.

Of parents who submitted evaluation forms after attending a Child Safety Week activity:

  • 87% reported they had learnt something new.
  • 90% reported they would be doing something differently.

Putting child accident prevention on the local agenda

Some areas use Child Safety Week to put child accident prevention on the local agenda. For example, Stockport’s public health team commissioned training from CAPT to help them use Child Safety Week as a focus for mobilising organisations around child accident prevention.

“We established a network of Child Injury Prevention Champions across the borough from a variety of organisations. We plan to embed the Child Injury Prevention Champions to help develop interventions and cascade up-to-date alerts and safety messages to parents and colleagues.”

Get involved

“Register with CAPT. Use the downloadable resources. Take part - the promotion of everyday simple steps to make the house a safer place for children and families can have the most profound effects. Simple stuff saves lives!”

  • Put Child Safety Week 2016 in your diary – Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June.
  • Sign up to register for your free Child Safety Week resources.
  • Tell your colleagues and networks, and encourage them to sign up too. The more teams and agencies that sign up to take part, the more families we can reach. 
Updated January 2016