A new approach to road casualty investigation

A greater understanding of the causes of road crashes can lead to more effective preventative action and improved road safety measures, helping to drive down the costs and human consequences of these often life-changing events.

Now the Department of Transport has announced that the RAC Foundation will lead a trial of an innovative approach to road casualty investigation, supported by £480,000 of government funding. Under the new Road Casualty Accident Investigation Project (RCAIP), dedicated investigation teams will work alongside police forces, Highways England and the DVSA to carry out in-depth research and analysis of the causes of road collisions.

Commencing later in 2018, selected cases will be studied in three regions over three years with the aim of obtaining a better understanding of what is really causing the collisions on our roads. The work will help to establish the practicalities, costs and full benefits of tackling such incidents more effectively, and the learning gathered will help to inform the government’s long-term strategy for road safety. 

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Updated July 2018