Health partnerships

January 2013

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 put in place a new public health system which gives new powers and duties to local authorities. Primary care trusts (PCTs), which were key partners in child accident prevention work at local level, will be abolished in April 2013, when the focal point for this work and a range of supporting partnership opportunities and commissioning roles, will change.

How health commissioning can influence child accident prevention

The Public Health Outcomes Framework includes a key indicator for hospital admissions caused by unintentional and deliberate injuries in under 18s, and the responsibility for delivering this work will be split between the NHS Commissioning Board (for 0-5 year olds), and local authority public health teams (for 5-19 year olds).

The NHS Commissioning Board will take over commissioning of local programmes which can have an influential role in child accident prevention in the community through delivery the health visiting, Family Nurse Partnership and Healthy Child programmes.

The partnership potential of the public health outcomes framework is also reflected in other indicators for child safety-related issues such as:

  • numbers killed and seriously injured on the roads
  • children in poverty;
  • and statutory homelessness.

Each area’s health and wellbeing board will become a key partnership and decision-making body, with broad local representation. Membership of the boards will include clinical commissioning, elected members and the voluntary and community sector, helping to provide strong community engagement and local accountability.

More about health commissioning and health partnerships

During this period of transition for public health, local progress and practice is likely to vary a great deal. While it’s essential to build close local links, you can stay in touch with the wider developments and opportunities for health partnership working through the regular updates on the Making the Link site.

There are topic briefings on Public Health Commissioning for under 5s and the role of injury prevention coordinators:

You can find a range of factsheets on public health in local government on the Department of Health (DH) site:

There are also resources on the work of the new health and wellbeing boards, including key success factors in boards working with children, young people and families on the NHS Confederation website:

Updated June 2013